Let us together help ALL YOUR STUDENTS know the CORRECT SPELLINGS.

Dear Principal Madam/Sir,

Sub : H&D Scholarship program for the students of your school, Year after Year

Greetings to you from SPELL BEE ACADEMY!

We are in the forefront of Spelling Learning initiatives.

We have authored the maximum number of Spelling books. We are India's No 1 preparatory study material provider for 'multiple' spell bee exams. We are the only one to do so worldwide.

We wish to present 'ALL' Free SPELL BEE worldwide program for your school. This is an annual spelling learning program. It is a continuous, year after year program. NO FEE is charged in any manner , Year after Year.

All students of a school registered with SPELL BEE ACADEMY are awarded H&D Scholarship. As part of this Scholarship program each student can register for SPELLer BEE. Then get learning material, and give two rounds of spell bee exams. Each student will not be required to pay any fee for the above, now or later.

The entire program is online. Internet access is a must.

In this program, the school HAS TO DO only 3 tasks -

# Register itself. It can be done any day of the year. No fee for same.

# Share details of the students in an xls provided by us.

# Share details of the program and how to LOG IN and proceed to access word lsits, take a sample test and give exam.

The school DOES NOT HAVE TO conduct any other task, such as -

# handout forms, collect fees, send forms, conduct tests, send answer sheets, share results, hand out certificates, etc.

All queries of parents will be handled by SPELL BEE ACADEMY. Contact detailsare provided in website link.

A ZOOM session can be organised for parents on request, post the school's registration.

Here is the form to register your school. Please fill, sign with date, put seal and email to

You may right click on the above image, and then 'save image as' to have the form.

You may click on image to send the filled form by email to SPELL BEE ACADEMY to

Should you need any clarification on the above do let us know.

We look forward to your school's registration with SPELL BEE ACADEMY, and together help all students of your school learn the CORRECT SPELLING!

Best wishes,

whatsapp : +91 9820354672